Radio Still Dominates In-Car Listening


Jacobs-Tech-SurveyThe takeaways from this year’s TechSurvey12 from Jacobs Media is on-demand video consumption signals podcasting and on-demand audio growth, AM/FM still leads in the car and awareness of the FM chip on smartphones and the NextRadio app is growing.

The findings from respondents 245 radio stations suggest 92% watch at least one hour a day of TV and 91% listen to at least one hour per day of AM/FM radio. 64% connect their phone to their car, 57% listen to streaming audio at least once per week, 28% listen to podcasts at least once a month and 14% listen to HD Radio.

Radio remains the top brand platform at 91%, followed by Facebook (73%), YouTube (50%), Pandora (28%), iHeartRadio (18%).

Only 1 in 10 consumers listens to AM/FM less than they did the year before.

Nearly 3 in 10 listen to podcasts or on-demand audio weekly or more.

Awareness of the FM chip in smartphones has risen substantially. Participants were asked: “Are you aware than an FM chip is built into smartphones, which, if activated, would allow you to listen to local FM radio free of charge?” 35% said yes compared to 24% last year.

More people are aware of the NextRadio app; the challenge is generating more downloads, according to TechSurvey12. Among those who own a smartphone, 8% were aware of the app but had not downloaded anything last year. That figure climbed to 20% this year.

Half of respondents say all or most of their AM/FM listening happens in the car and more than 9 in 10 listen to AM/FM in a car during the average weekday.

Radio’s share of in-car listening on a typical weekday is 66%, followed distantly by satellite radio and a personal music collection.