Radio stocks buck another down day on the Street – 11/23/11


As if there isn’t enough fuel for pessimism right here on our own shores, the traders on Wall Street have been keeping their eyes on Europe and using problems there as a excuse for causing more problems here. But for one day, at least, radio stocks went against the downward flow, barely, thanks to a big day for Emmis. TV stocks weren’t so lucky.

The RBR Radio Index rose 0.100, or 0.3%, to 300.398.

The TVBR Television Index rose fell 10.503, or 4.6%, to 216.026.


Emmis, up 13.6%
Radio One, up 1.8%
CC Media, up 1.3%

Entravision, down 9.9%
Gray, down 7.6%
LIN TV, down 7.6%