Radio, TV Covers Dallas, Minneapolis Violence


Muir.DallasNationwide, radio and television stations covered the protests and shootings that led to the deaths of five and injuries of seven Dallas police officers late last week. Some of that coverage extended into the weekend and will result in special reporting this week, too.

ABC Radio and Television covered the recent events and aired ongoing coverage over the weekend. ABC also plans to air special reports beginning tonight on the tragedies in Louisiana, Minnesota and now Dallas. David Muir is shown in the photo at Dallas Police Headquarters.

In addition to the on-scene coverage, CBS Radio devoted special weekend programming to the shootings both in Dallas and Minneapolis, and especially on the increased security and ongoing protests. Affiliates could download the broadcast, a podcast with no PSA’s or the five segments of this broadcast at …

Radio One, Inc. stated it is deeply saddened and troubled by the recent events in our country. There is no doubt, this is a critical moment in our history. From Baton Rouge, LA and Minneapolis, MN to Dallas, TX, the outcry of Black people is reverberating throughout this country.

“The killing must stop. It doesn’t serve anyone. Certainly there is a better solution. We are not anti-police. We are anti-police misconduct, abuse and excessive force. Acknowledging the significance of this moment, all week, we have leveraged our multi-media platforms of local radio, TV One, Interactive One and Reach Media to encourage our community to lift their voices and be heard; promote peace in the street; and demand justice, accountability and reform in our police and justice systems.”

Dallas radio and television stations dropped regular formats and went wall-to-wall with special reporting.

Several broadcasters — like WFAA and KDFW television and KKDA(FM) and KRNB(FM) — were already on-scene covering a rally when the violence broke out, reported the Star Telegram. Cable networks such as Fox and MSNBC covered the action too.

See Newstalk WBAP coverage here:

Coverage extended beyond those cities.

Davis Broadcasting in Columbus, Ohio hosted community leaders Friday for special programming on violence plaguing the nation. The broadcaster owns six Urban Contemporary format stations in the market, reports the Ledger-Enquirer. The program could be heard on WFXE, WOKS AM, WKZJ, WIOL ESPN, WEAM and WOKS AM.

Cox Media Group Atlanta Radio hosted a live roundtable discussion about the recent events.