Radio vet set to build station across the river from Vicksburg


Robert Holladay has a deal that will give him the license to a baby FM station licensed to a town on the west bank of the Mississippi River. The Class A station, earmarked for Delta LA, will blanket the headline-referenced town familiar to Civil War buffs, but won’t get a strong signal further east to Jackson MS.

The station is KSBU-FM CP. It’s licensed to Delta LA, a Class A on 92.7 MHz with 6 kW @ 266’.

The seller is SSR Communications Inc., headed by Matthew Wesolowski.

Holladay’s license company goes in the books as Holladay Broadcasting of Louisiana LLC.
The price for the station is $65K cash.

Wesolowski received a 25% bidding credit when winning the CP at auction, a credit which Holladay is not entitled to. Wesolowski’s credit was worth $3,750, and he will be responsible for any unjust enrichment reimbursements to the FCC.