Radio websites post online viewers with WhiteBlox


Radio stations across the U.S. and in Mexico are broadcasting video and audio online, using WhiteBlox’s Internet television technology.  Early adopters of WhiteBlox’s Make Your Audio Visual platform have seen a sharp rise in online traffic.  Using WhiteBlox’s interactive media player on their website, Orlando’s Real Radio 104.1-FM, which broadcasts from 6 a.m.-8 p.m. ET, is averaging 4.7 million viewer minutes per month. The idea behind WhiteBlox’s solutions is that stations leverage content they are already broadcasting over traditional radio frequencies by adding a video component. Stations bring their on-air advertisers on board as online sponsors via the interactive advertising features within the WhiteBlox media player. Houston’s The Buzz 94.5-FM brought Bud Light on as the title sponsor of Rod Ryan’s Morning Show, and dubbed the online broadcast The Bud Light Peep Show.  The Morning Freak Show with Mikey and Big Bob on Pittsburgh’s KISS 96.1-FM has become the McDonald’s Freak Show online.  Likewise, Austin’s KISS 96.7-FM online broadcast has become the Time Warner KissCam. Stations have gotten creative with the video, broadcasting popular shows, celebrity guest appearances, in-studio performances, favorite DJs, on-location events and special reality-television-like programming. Events like Tiffany’s Slumber Party on 104.1-FM, which garnered more than 70,000 stream hits in a 24-hour period, and The Doc and Johnny Morning Show’s Real Spring Break on XL 106.7-FM Orlando racked up  270,000 viewer minutes in a 4-day period.