Radionomy launches in the U.S.


radionomyLook out, Live365: Radionomy, the free global service that lets consumers create their own online radio station or discover online stations created by others, is launching in the U.S.  Consumers have used Radionomy to create more than 6,000 new online radio stations, and the service has attracted more than 13 million unique listeners elsewhere around the world.

“Radionomy is for fans who are passionate about creating and sharing content on their own station, and for whom sharing a song or playlist just isn’t enough,” said Thierry Ascarez, vice president of business development, Radionomy.  “It’s also for listeners that may not want to create their own station, but want to discover and enjoy content programmed by a person, not an algorithm.”

RBR-TVBR asked Ascarez how they differentiate themselves from Live365:

“First, Radionomy is totally and completely free.  Live365 costs users anywhere from $4 to $100 each month.  The fees can be more than $100 if Live365 subscribers use the PRO broadcasting product.

Second, Radionomy is web-based, so it is fast and useable on any Internet-enabled device.  Live365 requires users to download complex software onto their computers.

Third, Radionomy differs from Live365 in that we are built from the ground up to be social.  Sharing is part of our DNA and design.

Also it’s also important to note that Radionomy makes it incredibly easy to create and also manage everything from our dashboard – programming, analytics of streams and listeners, promotional tools, advertising management and sharing are all done from one simple-to-use web interface.

And, Radionomy provides fans with the opportunity to personalize profiles, bookmark favorite radio stations on any device.

The ease of use, simplicity of design and social features are reasons we’re adding more than 50 new stations every day.”

He tells us Radionomy monetizes the stations for the users: “Our sales house in the US is Target Spot.”

Radionomy  provides a content library of 80,000 songs and other items, audience reporting metrics, and storage for programmers who want to provide their own songs.

Unlike currently available online radio services, Radionomy is free and web based, so consumers use a simple dashboard to manage their station and never, ever have to download complex software.

Radionomy also offers consumers a way to monetize their stations, with creators of the most popular stations able to make up to $5,000/month.

Radionomy’s U.S. launch is built around the G2 platform, a new version of the service that offers improved ease of use and more customization options.  The new G2 version of Radionomy features the Radio Manager, a web-based dashboard that centralizes the functions needed for running an online station all in one place; the Planner, which helps producers create and manage their station; and new versions of the iPad, iPhone and Facebook apps.  A new version of the Android app and a Desktop app will be available in November 2012.

Users in other parts of the globe have been using the previous version of the Radionomy service since 2008.

The Radionomy service has already resulted in:

–          More than 6,000 stations

–          More than 92 million listening sessions each month

–          More than 42 million hours streamed each month

–          More than 13 million unique listeners

–          50 new Radionomy stations created each day

RBR-TVBR observation: The YouTube craze has made a huge marketplace for user-curated content. Radionomy appears to make audio content easy to do, while allowing monetization. Unlike competitor Live365, Radionomy is free.


  1. Radionomy is an awesome service. In less than two weeks I have been able to create 21 great sounding stations using their tools.

    At first, it can be a learning curve but once you learn the system it is simple and very cutting-edge.

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    A Better Radio Station

  2. Do i need a microphone in order to broadcast on radionomy? If so, what type? Also can you explain what is meant by 130 streams per hour? Do you have to run the station continuously during the day? Thanks, I haven’t signed up yet still planning my show.

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