Radio’s battle for beachfront ratings turf


Clark-SmidtHere they are: Nielsen Audio results from 10/9/14 through 11/5/14. Clark Smidt drives the bus from New York to Boston with major market points in between included.

New York to Boston: The Top 10 November Nielsen Audio Ratings
Clark Smidt, Broadcast Connections

Now, the just released November audio shares for total persons 6+, Nielsen subscribers only. These are also the last “normal” set of numbers before the

Sound of Sugar Plums takes over. Here’s the September/October/November Total Top 10 Spotlight on October 9-November 5:

1. NEW YORK, NY. 6+ population 15,697,400. CBS Radio Classic Hits WCBS/FM takes it up another notch! Match the sound of your city, grab the competition’s Hall of Fame morning man and you end up with the top share, and a Big Apple 1.5 share lead over #2. WCBS/FM jumps 6.8-6.1-7.1, again with the 4th high cume. iHeart Media A/C WLTW getting used to 2nd, 5.7-5.4-5.6, but retains #1 cume at 4.97 million, almost 1/3 of the total market. iHeart CHR WHTZ moves into 3rd 4.8-5.1-5.5 also with the help of a big AM drive personality. Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) Tropical WSKQ holds 4th, 5.1-5.0-5.1 and Emmis Communications UrbanA/C WBLS now 5th, 5.3-5.4-4.9. Music. iHeart Classic Rock WAXQ 4.5-4.2-4.4, iHeart Urban WWPR 3.3-3.4-3.9, iHeart RymA/C WKTU 3.5-3.4-3.8, Emmis RymCHR WQHT sticks 3.2-3.2-3.0, CBS HotA/C WWFS 2.8-2.9-2.9, CBS CHR WBMP 3.0-2.8-2.8, Cumulus HotA/C WPLJ 2.2-2.6-2.5 and Cumulus Country 2.2-1.8-1.8. WNYC Broadcasting Classical WQXR 1.3-1.5-1.2, Fordham University WFUV AA holds .7, Newark Public Radio Jazz WBGO again .6, suburban Pamal A/C WHUD .7, Greater Media A/C WMGQ .6, Press Communications Country WKMK .5. News/Talk/Sports: CBS Sports WFAN/AM-FM 3.5-4.5-4.2, CBS News WINS 3.7-3.6-4.0 bests CBS News partner WCBS/A 3.2-3.0-2.9, WNYC Broadcasting N/T WNYC/F 2.9-3.0-2.8, ESPN Sports WEPN/F 1.4-1.9-1.9 actually beats the flame throwing 770 signal on Cumulus Talk WABC 1.6-2.0-1.8, iHeart Talk WOR 1.7-1.6-1.6, Townsquare Media Talk WKXW 1.3, Univision SpanishN/T WADO .5 and WNYC N/T .5. Spanish: Univision CHR WXNY 3.3-3.5-3.2, SBS Spanish Hits WPAT 2.2-2.4-2.6. Big Apple Stats: 52 stations, 71% are Nielsen subscribers. Ethnic: Spanish 23%, AfroAm 17%. Largest October/November Share Swings: +1.0 ClassicHits WCBS/F, -.5 UrbanA/C WBLS. Cluster Shares September/October/November: iHeart 21.8-23.1-24.8, CBS 21.8-22.9-23.9, Emmis 8.7-8.9-8.2, Spanish Broadcast System 7.7-7.4-7.7, Cumulus 6.0-6.3-6.1. Don’t forget the NYMRAD Christmas Party – Friday, December 5, 1-4p at The Hotel Empire Rooftop on W. 63rd.

2. LOS ANGELES, CA. 10,860,300. iHeart scores a 1-2-3 win as CHR KIIS/KVVS gets back the #1 share 5.2-5.3-5.3 and #1 cume 3.67-3.79 million. iHeart A/C KOST is 2nd 4.1-4.1-5.2, iHeart Hot A/C KBIG slips to 3rd 5.0-5.3-4.7, Emmis RymCHR KPWR is 4th, 4.7-4.5-4.3 and CBS ClassicHits KRTH 4.5-4.2-4.2 is 5th Music: CBS CHR KAMP 4.0-4.1-4.0, Bonneville ClassicRock KSWD has turned around nicely 3.0-3.2-3.5, CBS AdultHits KCBS/F 3.0-3.2-3.1, CBS ModRock KROQ 2.7-2.8-2.6, iHeart RymOldies KHHT 2.7-2.2-2.6, Cumulus ClassicRock KLOS 2.2-2.4-2.5, CBS SmoothA/C KTWV 2.2-2.2-2.1 to tie iHeart ModRock KYSR/KSRY 2.0-1.9-2.1. Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters Lone Country KKGO 2.4-2.1-2.0, Southern Cal University KUSC Classical 1.9-2.0-1.7, Salem Christian Fish KSFH caught at 1.4, Meruelo Media R&BOldies KDAY/KDEY 1.1, Taxi Productions KLJH UrbanA/C .8, Mt. Wilson Jazz KKJZ .7. News/Talk /Sports: iHeart Talk KFI 3.3-3.5-3.6, CBS News KNX 2.7-2.9-2.9, So. California Public N/T KPPC 2.3-2.2-1.9, Santa Monica College N/T KCRW quad-cast goes 1.0-1.4, iHeart Sports KLAC 1.0, ESPN Sports KSPN 1.0, Cumulus Talk KABC .7 ties iHeart Talk KEIB .7 and Salem Talk KRLA .7. Spanish: SBS RegMex KLAX 2.9-2.9-2.8 ties Entravision SpAdult KLYY 2.4-2.6-2.8. Liberman RegMex KBUE trimulcast 2.6-2.5-2.6 and ties Univison SpAdult KRCD/KRCV 2.6-2.3-2.6, Univision RegMex KSCA 2.8-2.4-2.3, SBS SpCHR KXOL 1.7, Imaculate Heart KHJ leaves a final Ranchero 1.1 before turning to The Almighty. Entravision SpCHR KSSE 1.1, Liberman SpHits KWIZ .6. L.A. Stats: 72 stations, 61% subscribe. Spanish 43%, AfroAm 7%. Oct/Nov Swings +.1.1 A/C KOST, -.6 HotA/C KBIG. Cluster Shares September/October/November: iHeart 20.3-23.9-23.5, CBS 19.1-19.6-19.2, Univision 7.1-8.7-8.8, Spanish Broadcasting 4.5, Emmis 4.3.

3. CHICAGO, IL. 7,819,200. iHeart UrbanA/C WVAZ stays #1 5.9-5.7-5.9, with a #14 cume! CBS News combo WBBM/WCFS-F is 2nd, 5.5-5.6-5.7, Hubbard HotA/C WTMX moves back up to 3rd 4.6-4.7-5.2, Univision RegMex WOJO 4.3-4.8-4.6 to rank #4 and iHeart CHR WKSC has the #1 cume 2.32-2.34-2.27 million and #5 share 4.7-4.5-4.3. News/Talk/Sports: Tribune WGN jumps 3.6-3.2-4.0, CBS Sports WSCR 2.2-2.5-2.3, Chicago Public N/T WBEZ/WBEQ 2.1-1.9-1.9, ESPN Sports WMVP 1.7, Cumulus Talk WLS 1.4 Music. CBS Country WUSN 4.0-4.4-4.1, CBS RymCHR WBBM/F 4.4-4.0-3.8, iHeart HotA/C WLIT 3.7-3.8-3.7, Cumulus Classic Hits WLS/F 4.0-4.0-3.4, iHeart Urban Urban WGCI 3.4-3.0-3.4, Hubbard ClassicHits WDRV/WWDV 3.9-3.4-3.2, Cumulus ModRock WKQX 3.7-3.9-3.4, CBS AA WXRT 3.3-3.2-3.1, CBS ClassicHits WJMK 2.8-2.6-2.8, Cumulus ClassicRock WLUP/F 2.4-2.6-2.4, Hubbard A/C WILV 2.6-2.8-2.4, Crawford Broadcasting Urban WPWX 2.2-2.1-2.3. Digity Media Rock WIIL 1.2 is tied with Window to the World Classical WFMT. Crawford Broadcasting Urban WSRB 1.0. There’s a 4-way tie for iHeart Gospel WBRB, Digity Classic Hits WERV/F, Digity HotA/C WXLC and Moody Bible Religion, each scoring .8. Spanish. Chicago Public RegMex WLEY 1.9, Univison WPPN SpanishHits 1.9. iHeart RegMex WNUA 1.7. Chicagoland Stats. 84 stations, 52% subscribe. Spanish 20%, AfroAm 18%. Share swings: +.8 Talk WGN, – .6 ClassicHits WLS/F. Sept/Oct/Nov Cluster Shares: CBS 21.5-21.7-22.3, iHeart 19.5-19.9-19.3, CMLS 11.8-11.3-11.4, Hubbard 10.8-11.1-10.9, Univision 6.9-7.0-7.5.

4. SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 6,131,500. SF Sports/News/Talk stations once again are win, place & show. Cumulus Sports KNBR gets a giant home run #1 share 5.7-6.6-6.9 and hits it outta the park with a close 2nd cume of 1.450 million (We’ll see what happens with World Series partner Kansas City). CBS News KCBS-KFRC/F holds #2, 5.3-5.3-5.7 and NPR News/Talk KQED moves up 4.5-5.0-5.2. #1 cume and #4 share Entercom A/C KOIT, registers 1.49 million and 4.1-4.9-4.5. CBS CHR KMVQ/F ranks 5th, 4.2-4.5-3.9 and has a three way tie with iHeart Urban KMEL 5.0-4.4-3.9 and iHeart HotA/C KIOI 4.0-3.7-3.9 vs.CBS HotA/C KLLC 3.0-2.8-3.1 which ties iHeart RymA/C KYLD 3.5-3.7-3.1 vs. Entercom RymA/C KRBQ 1.5. iHeart ties itself on RymOldies KISQ 3.0-2.8-2.9 and ClassicHits KOSF 2.6-2.8-2.9. Entercom UrbanA/C KBLX lifts 2.4-2.2-2.6. Cumulus ClassicRock KSAN 2.1-2.4-2.2 vs. Entercom ClassicRock KUFX 1.4, CBS ModRock KITS 2.1-2.1-2.0 ties Digity Media KBAY 1.6-1.6-2.0 and Coast Radio A/C trio KUIC, KKIQ & KKDV combine for 1.0. U. Southern Cal Classical KDFC trimulcast totals 2.3-2.0-1.9. Digity HotA/C KEZR 1.7, Cumulus AA KFOG/KFFG 1.6. News/Talk/Sports: Cumulus Talk KSFO 1.6-1.9-2.2, Cumulus News KGO 2.1-2.4-2.4, Entercom Sports KGMZ 1.4, iHeart Talk KKSF .9, Cumulus Sports KTCT .4 and iHeart KNEW Business Bloomberg LMA pulls a no-show. Spanish: Univision SpAdultHits KBRG 3.9-3.2, Univision RegMex KSOL/KSQL 2.3-2.3-2.2, SBS RegMex KRZZ 1.5, Lazer Broadcasting RegMex KXZM .9. Bagdad by the Bay Stats: 34 stations, 71% subscribe. Spanish 22%, AfroAm 7%. Swings + 2.3 Sports KNBR, -.6 for both CHR KMVQ and RymCHR KYLD. S/O/N Cluster Shares: iHeart 19.7-19.4-17.6, Cumulus very close 13.8-15.7-17.4, CBS 14.6-14.7-14.7, ETM 9.3-11.0-11.4.

5. DALLAS, TX. 5,301,200. iHeart CHR KHKS repeats #1 and #1: shares 6.6-7.0-7.5, cume 1.85-1.99-2.08 million and 570k ahead of #2 cume KDMX. Salem Communications Christian KLTY lifts unto 2nd, 4.7-4.7-5.0. Cumulus Country pair shows KPLX 5.7-5.1-4.9 into 3rd place and KSCS 4.5-4.5-4.3, 4th. CBS Classic Hits KLUV 4.0-3.9-4.0 is tied for 5th with Service Broadcasting Urban KKDA/F 4.0-3.8-4.0. Music. iHeart HotA/C KDMX 3.4-3.4-3.7 vs. CBS HotA/C KVIL 2.8-2.8-2.5. RadioOne RymCHR KBFB 3.3-3.8-3.6, Service Broadcasting UrbanA/C KRNB is 2.9-3.3-3.1 and Radio One UrbanA/C KSOC 2.6-2.9-2.8. iHeart ClassicRock KZPS 3.8-3.7-3.5, iHeart Rock KEGL 3.1-2.9-3.4, iHeart Rock KDGE 3.0-2.9-2.7, CBS AdultHits KJKK 2.8-2.3-2.3, Cumulus CHR KLIF/F 1.8, North Texas Public Broadcasting AA KKXT 1.3. First Dallas Christian KCBI 2.0, Southwestern Adventists U. Christian KLRN .2. News/Talk/Sports: CBS Sports KRLD/F 1.8-2.5-2.9, CBS News/Talk KRLD-A 2.6-2.7-2.7, Cumulus News/Talk WBAP 2.2-2.1-2.3, North Texas Public News/Talk KERA 2.2-2.1-1.9, Cumulus Sports KTCK 2.3-2.2-1.8, Cumulus Sports KESN 1.5, Salem Talk WSKY .5, Cumulus N/T KLIF-A .3. Spanish: Univision RegMex KLNO 3.4-3.4-3.2, CBS RegMex KMVK 2.8-2.3-2.3, Univision SpanHits KDXX/KESS 1.7, Univision RegMex KFZO .9, Univision SpNews/Talk KFLC .2. Big D Stats: 67 stations, 46% subscribe. Spanish 26%, AfroAm 16%. Swings: +.5 for both CHR KHKS and Rock KEGL, -.4 Sports KESN. Cluster Shares: iHeart 19.9-19.9-20.8, CMLS 16.5-17.7-16.9, CBS 16.8-16.3-16.7, Service Broadcasting 6.9-7.1-7.1, Radio One 6.4.

6. HOUSTON, TX. 5,025,800. #1 share and #1 cume for iHeart SoftA/C jumping 6.7-6.2-7.1 with 2.07 million weekly listeners, some 851k ahead of the #2 cume KGLK. Radio One UrbanA/C KMJQ 6.7-6.9-6.4 has the #2 share, Univision RegMex KLTN 5.1-5.8-6.1 3rd, Cox ClassicHits KGLK/KHPT 5.2-5.3-5.5 and iHeart News/Talk KTRH 4.4-5.0-5.3 is 5th. Music. Radio One RymCHR KBXX 5.6-5.9-5.2, Radio One RymOldies KROI leaps forward from News .9-1.0-3.2. Cox Country KKBQ/F slips 6.1-5.9-5.0 vs. CBS Country KILT/F 4.0-4.1-3.9 and Cox ClassicCountry KTHT 1.6-1.6-1.9. Educational Foundation Christian KSBJ/KUBJ 4.5-4.3-4.8. iHeart ModRock KTBZ consistant 4.6-4.6-4.6, iHeart Urban KQBT 4.4-4.1-3.8, Cumulus CHR KRBE 3.7-3.6-3.4 vs. CBS CHR KHGH 3.1-2.8-2.7. CBS HotA/C KHMX slides 3.4-3.0-2.5. University of Houston Classical KUHA .6. News/Talk: University of Houston KUHF 1.9-2.1-2.4, iHeart KPRC .2. Sports: CBS KILT 2.2-2.4-2.0, iHeart KBME 1.1, Gow Communications KFNC 1.0, Gow KGOW .3. Spanish: Univision SpanishAdult KOVE 3.9-3.9-3.8, CBS SpanishHits KLOL 3.4-3.2-2.8, Univision SpanishHits KAMA/F 2.1-1.9-1.8, Univision Spanish N/T KLAT .2. Houston Stats: 58 stations, 50% subscribe. Spanish 34%, AfroAm 18%. Swings: +2.2 RymOldies KROI, -.9 Country KKBQ. Shares: iHeart 21.7-20.2-22.1, ROI 13.2-13.8-14.8, CBS 13.9-13.1-13.9, Univision 12.2-12.8-12.5, Cox 12.9-12.8-12.4.

7. WASHINGTON, D.C. 4,522,700. Two of the Top 5 in DC are University owned. Hubbard Broadcasting News WTOP/F-WTLP repeats as #1 share September/October/November 7.8-7.5-7.4 on 3rd place cume. Howard University UrbanA/C WHUR 2nd, up again 6.5-6.9-7.0, iHeart Media CHR WIHT takes #1 Sept/Oct/Nov cume 1.26-1.33-1.30 million with 3rd ranked share 6.1-6.6-6.6. American University News/Talk WAMU holds 4th 6.3-6.1-6.0 and iHeart A/C WASH takes the 5th 4.3-4.6-4.8. Music. Radio One UrbanA/C WMMJ 4.8-4.3-4.2, Radio One Gospel WPRS 4.5-4.0-3.7, Radio One Urban WKYS 3.1-3.0-3.2 and CBS Tropical WLZL sticks with 2.6. Greater Washington Educational Telecom Classical WGMS/WETA steady at 3.7-4.0-4.0 and tied with iHeart ModRock WWDC 3.4-3.7-4.0. Close behind is iHeart ClassicRock WBIG/F 3.8-3.3-3.9, CBS RymCHR WPGC down 3.8-3.6-3.1, Cumulus CHR WRQX 2.2-2.4-2.1. iHeart Country WMZQ/F 3.7-3.8-3.4 ties Columbia Union College Christian WGTS 3.4-3.1-3.4. News/Talk. Cumulus WMAL-A/F 3.9-4.2-4.4, CBS News WNEW/F .9-1.2-1.1. Sports: Red Zebra WTEM trimulcast 2.0-2.9-2.7, CBS WJFK 2.9-3.2-2.4, and Red Zebra WSPZ .3. Capital Stats: 52 stations, 54% subscribe. AfroAm 27%, Spanish 14%. October/November Share Swings: + .6 ClassicRock WBIG/F, -.8 Sports WJFK. Cluster Shares: iHeart 21.3-22.0-22.7, CBS 14.3-14.6-13.4, Radio One 12.5-11.3-11.1, Hubbard 8.6-8.0-7.6, Cumulus 6.6-6.5.

8. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 4,493,700. Jerry Lee A/C WBEB holds the #1 cume & #1 share but only by a .3 margin, 6.6-7.1-6.8 and cume moving 1.57-1.62-1.53 million. iHeart UrbanA/C WDAS/F has the 2nd place share hovering 6.7-6.2-6.5. CBS ClassicHits WOGL moves back to 3rd 6.4-5.7-6.0, Beasley (CBS pending) Country WXTU slides back to 4th 5.6-5.9-5.5, Greater Media ClassicRock WMGK is #5, 5.5-5.0-5.1 and, again ties itself with Greater Media Rock WMMR, steady 5.1-5.0-5.1. Music. iHeart Urban WUSL 4.8-4.2-4.5 for another self-tie with iHeartCHR WIOQ 3.6-3.7-4.5. iHeart ModRock WRFF 4.1-3.6-4.2. Radio One R&BOldies WRNB 4.1-3.9-4.0, iHeart RymA/C WISX 3.1-3.2-3.2, Grater Media ClassicHits WBEN/F slips 3.6-3.2-2.9. Beasley (CBS pending) RymCHR WRDW/F 2.6-2.4-2.5, vs. Radio One RymCHR WPHI/F 2.3-1.9-1.9 and Radio One Gospel WPPZ 1.9-1.9-2.2. Temple University Classical WRTI 1.6, University of Pennsylvania AA WXPN 1.4, Connoisseur HotA/C WPST 1.3, Townsquare HotA/C WSJO .3, Four Rivers Christian WBYO .2 and iHeart SmoothJazz WDAS .1. News/Talk/Sports: CBS News KYW 4.0-4.7-4.9, WHYY, Inc. News/Talk WHYY 6 station simulcast 3.7-3.6-3.0, Greater Media Sports WPEN 2.3-2.9-2.4, CBS Talk WPHT 2.0-2.3-2.2, Townsquare Talk WKXW .8, CBS Sports WIP .2. Liberty Bell Stats: 52 stations, 62% subscribers, AfroAm 21%, Spanish 8%, Swings + .8 CHR WIOQ, – .6 News/Talk WHYY. Shares: iHeart 22.3-20.9-22.9, CBS 16.1-18.0-15.9 (adding Beasley makes CBS #1, 23.9), Greater Media 16.1-15.8-15.5, RadioOne 8.3-7.7-8.1, Beasley 8.2-8.3-8.0, Jerry Lee 6.6-7.1-6.8.

9. ATLANTA, GA. 4,322,100. Cox Media Group News/Talk WSB/WSBB again #1 and gaining 7.2-7.6-7.9 as cume stays at 7th. CBS Urban WVEE up 7.0-7.1-7.8. Cox Urban A/C WALR 6.1-5.9-6.1 slips into 3rd as Cox A/C WSB/F slides to 4th 6.4-6.6-5.6 but its #1 cume 1.28-1.30-1.23 million, still 203k ahead of the pack. iHeart Country WUBL is now 5th 6.0-5.3-5.5. Music. Cox ClassicHits WSRV 5.5-5.7-5.2, Salem Communications Christian WFSH/F 5.3-5.6-5.0 and a tie with Radio One UrbanA/C WAMJ/WUMJ 5.2-4.9-5.0, Radio One Urban WHTA 4.5-4.1-4.5, Radio One Gospel WPZE 3.5-4.1-4.0. iHeart CHR WWWQ 4.2-4.1-4.2 vs. iHeart WWPW 3.7-3.9-3.8, Cumulus Country WKHX/F 3.2-3.2-3.5, Lincoln Financial Media HotA/C WSTR 3.3-3.5-3.4 iHeart ModRock WRDA/WRDG 2.6-2.8-2.8 vs. Cox ModRock WTSH .9 and Cumulus ClassicRock WNNX 2.1-2.0-1.9. Clark Atlanta University Jazz WCLK has a steady 1.1 beat, Radio Training Network Christian WVFJ/F .9, and the strongest HD in the Top 10 is Cumulus ClassicHits WWWQ-HD3 constantly .6. News/Talk/Sports: City of Atlanta Board of Ed N/T WABE 3.4-3.7-3.2, CBS Sports WZGC 1.7-2.1-2.1 Cumulus N/T WYAY 1.8, iHeart Talk WGST .5, Lincoln Financial Sports WQXI .4 ties Georgia State N/T WRAS .4, CBS N/T WAOK .3 and Salem Talk WGKA .3. Big Peach A-Town Stats: 68 stations, 43% subscribe. AfroAm 34%, Spanish 10%. Swings: +.7 Urban WVEE, – 1.0 A/C WSB./F. Shares: Cox 25.2-24.8-24.8, iHeart 14.5-13.4-14.1, Radio One 13.2-13.1-13.5, Cumulus 11.9-11.6-12.1, CBS 8.9-9.5-10.8.

10. BOSTON, MA. 4,022,600. Personally proud to be Hub Live & Local since ’70. iHeart CHR WXKS/FM keeps the #1 share 6.9-6.9-7.0, leading by 1.1 with #1 cume 1.41-1.40-1.39 million. Greater Media has 2nd share and a two-way self-tie for 3rd: ClassicHits WROR 6.6-6.2-6.0, Country WKLB 6.4-6.0-5.7 and A/C WMJX 6.1-5.8-5.7. CBS Classic Rock WZLX is a flat 5th 6.4-5.6-5.6. The never-dull Boston Sports Battle sees both major players getting back in the swing – without the Sox: CBS Sports Hub WBZ/FM back up 3.6-4.7-5.3 vs. Entercom WEEI/FM 3.2-4.2-4.6; Entercom Sports 50kw WEEI-A with an 82k cume, .2 share plays left-out. Meanwhile, there’s a big News/Talk story: Boston University NPR noncom WBUR gains 4.5-4.5-5.1 to pull ahead of iconic CBS News/Talk WBZ (reaching 38 states and 14 foreign countries) 4.9-4.8-5.0. Entercom Talk WRKO stalls 3.3-3.5-3.3 and WGBH Educational Foundation N/T WGBH/FM inches up 2.1-2.6-2.7. Back to the music: CBS HotA/C WBMX dips 4.5-4.1-3.7, iHeart RymCHR WJMN hangs on 3.4-3.5-3.5, just a hair above Greater Media RymA/C WBQT 3.3-3.2-3.4 with CBS CHR WODS 2.9-2.7-2.8. Greater Media ModRock WBOS gains 2.7-2.9-3.2, Entercom Rock WAAF 3.1-2.7-2.7 and Northeast Broadcasting AA WXRV back down 2.4-2.3-2.1. WGBH Ed Foundation Classical WCRB 1.9-2.0-1.9. The second place Country rodeo has less bull: iHeart tender foot WBWL gets thrown 2.4-1.8-1.4 and Hall Communications WCTK, Providence-New Bedford 1.4-1.3-1.1. Emerson College Variety WERS 1.0. iHeart Spanish Hits WKOX .3 and U.Mass WUMB quintulcast, as in 5 signals, .1 collectively. Hub Stats: 60 stations, 42% subscribe. Spanish 9%, AfroAm 7%. Swings: + .6 for both Sports WBZ/FM and News/Talk WBUR, -.4 for both HotA/C WBMX and Country WBWL. Cluster Shares: Greater Media 25.1-24.1-24.0, CBS 19.4-21.9-22.4, iHeart 12.9-12.5-12.3, Entercom 9.8-10.7-10.8.

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