Radio’s Edge of Seventeen


Media-Monitors1by Dwight Douglas, Media Monitors

In Media Monitors Radio Spot Ten last week, The Home Depot poured it on with 73,966 spots making them #1 again. GEICO regained #2 with 39,397 spots, while JCPenney pumped up to #3 running 39,068 ads. iHeartRadio slipped to #4 with 37,884 announcements and Walgreens was #5, up from #13, airing 27,598 spots. Something we haven’t seen in a long time, a major motion picture in the radio top ten; The Edge of Seventeen took #6 with 27,222 spots, while Macy’s was #7 with 26,034 spots. McDonald’s was #8 with 25,436 spots and Lowe’s landed at #9 running 23,748 spots. MetroPCS was #10 airing 21,580 spots.