Radio’s Hayworth keeping the heat on Senator John McCain


Former US Rep. and more recently, Clear Channel talk show host   J.D. Hayworth used to put the heat on Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) from behind his KFYI Phoenix microphone. Now he’s doing it in the polling for the upcoming AZ primary election.

According to pollster Rasmussen, McCain started out the year with a comfortable lead, 53% to Hayworth’s 31%. But by March, McCain’s lead had been whittled down to a 48%-41% margin.

And the latest reading puts it at 47%-41%. 2% have another candidate in mind and 8% are said to be undecided.

The primary isn’t until 8/24/10, but Rasmussen posits that any incumbent below 50% at this stage of the game is considered to be vulnerable.

Hayworth had been taking potshots at McCain from behind the mic, while speculation about his own imminent candidacy had been rampant. Eventually, he and Clear Channel mutually agreed to separate for the time being, and he officially became a candidate soon thereafter.