Radio’s importance, attention span


RadioMore new research from Mark Kassof & Co.’s annual ListenerThink P1 research: 76% of 18-64 radio listeners agree with the statement, “When you listen to radio, you pay a lot of attention to it.” Only 22% disagree, while 2% don’t know. Listeners’ attention when listening extends across demo groups as well. 18-24 men agree least that they “pay a lot of attention,” but still overwhelmingly agree – 69% do (26% strongly), while only 9% disagree strongly.

In addition, the research notes that 70% of 18-64 radio listeners agree with the statement: “If you couldn’t listen to radio, you’d feel something important was missing from your life.” Only 27% disagree, while 3% don’t know.

The perception that radio is important extends across age groups – 35-54-year-old listeners agree most, 18-24 year olds least. But even among 18-24’s, 58% agree that radio is an important part of their lives, while 40% disagree. These findings are based on 989 online interviews with 18-64 radio listeners in the U.S., conducted September 12-15.


  1. Please send this information to every CEO of the major advertisers. if Radio is considered so important; why does it only receive a 7% sliver of the advertising!

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