Radio’s Knoller celebrated by WHCA


The White House Correspondents Association will over three decades of “sustained excellence” from CBS Radio veteran Mark Knoller, who has been covering the White House and its occupants going back to Jimmy Carter in 1975.

Knoller is also known for his detailed score-keeping of presidential minutia – according to, the WHCA judges wrote “His meticulous record-keeping as an unofficial archivist of the presidency serves the public and keeps the White House accountable. Mark Knoller lives and breathes reporting. The public is well-served by his tireless efforts.”

Knoller is getting the Aldo Beckman award – the WHCA’s long-term prize, which comes not just with honor, but also $1,000.

Knoller’s reporting has primarily been on radio, but he’s also been featured on television, and on the internet. He is said to be approaching 25K followers on Twitter.