RadioTime launches Traffic Builder Campaign


RadioTime, the world’s largest Internet radio search engine, launched its Traffic Builder Campaign to help terrestrial and Internet-only radio broadcasters attract new online listeners.  The effort enables broadcasters to sponsor the results of users’ searches on the guide of more than 60,000 terrestrial and Internet radio stations, ensuring their stations and programs appear prominently in relevant search results.

“This is not a slow-to-build search engine optimization program, this is a way for broadcasters to quickly grow their online brands and audiences,” said RadioTime’s Dan Halyburton.  “The Traffic Builder Campaign enables broadcasters to more effectively target listeners rather than by just hoping listeners discover them using only a standard Internet browser.  Based on the feedback provided by our beta program participants, we believe broadcasters who participate in the Traffic Builder Campaign can grow their audiences by 150-400 percent.” users search and connect to their favorite programs more than 30 million times each month, and that number continues to grow as more people turn to online radio for music, news, sports and entertainment. 

“After partnering with RadioTime, our Christmas channel, which at first was nowhere to be found in the RadioTime users’ Top 19 Holiday Music Stations list, zoomed up to number eight,” said Val Starr, founder and president, GotRadio.  “In addition, we have seen a substantial retention of new listeners across our network since they have discovered us through the RadioTime featured listings.  The Traffic Builder Campaign was extremely successful in driving listeners to our site, and we intend to continue participating.” 

“We launched as a featured station on RadioTime, and within the first 60 days attracted listeners in 162 countries, and we are growing exponentially month-to-month,” said Rex Allen, Jr., CEO and Chairman, Retro Films HD, Inc. 

RBR-TVBR observation: This is a great tool to have. Obviously, the more times your station shows up on genre or geographic searches, the more listeners it will get – via iPhones, Blackberrys, laptops, PCs, WiFi radios, etc. With more listeners comes more internet advertisers – both for on-screen and in the audio stream. Giving radio (online-only, terrestrial and both) the search tools to compete with Internet-only sites for ad dollars is a great help.