Raising Cain means raising cash for Cain


A lot of names have been bandied about as potential opponents to the re-election efforts of President Barack Obama in 2012, and one of them is that of WSB AM-FM radio host and former business executive Herman Cain.

A new 527 organization has been formed, called Friends of Herman Cain, created for the purpose of gathering funding for a possible Cain run for the White House.

As a 527, the organization is not bound by the same kinds of restrictions Cain’s official exploratory committee is, but on the other end, the money it comes up with will not be as easy for him to use.

A Politico report notes that Cain is actively “testing the waters” to guage if there is viable support for his effort among voters and sources of funding.

His current gig is with Cox, but he is known in business circles for his stewardship of Godfather’s Pizza.
Cain made an unsuccessful bid for one of Georgia’s seats in the US Senate, losing in the primaries to eventual election winner Johnny Isakson.

According to the WSB website, Cain’s program can be heard “on every weeknight 7 to 10. Listen…you just might learn something. Cain has the stories and information the mainstream media won’t always give you.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Now that Mike Pence (R-IN) has put his focus on being a chief executive in Indianapolis IN rather than Washington DC, Cain may well be the pre-eminent choice for president among those who demand radio experience on a presidential resume.

However, if TV experience is your cup of tea there are several Republican possibilities working in various capacities for Fox News Channel. In fact, Cain is no stranger to FNC himself.