Rapper Nelly debuts on afternoon drive in St. Louis


“Nelly Radio” made its debut in The Gateway City 8/11 when the rapper took over the airwaves at Radio One’s Hot 104.1 (WHHL-FM) for his first-ever on-air gig. He’s filling in through 9/10 for friend Staci Static, who’s on maternity leave.

Nelly was right on time, even early, for the first day of his 3 p.m. daily shift, and that was the joke right off the top as PD and radio personality Mickey Johnson introduced his newest personality. “I gotta get used to being on time at a real job,” Nelly said Wednesday. “This takes me back to my UPS days.”

Johnson let him know early on about the “dump” button in case Nelly says something on air that’s inappropriate. Nelly joked off air he would need a bigger dump button, or maybe a dump lever, reported The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The first song to play during the show was station staple “Teach Me How to Dougie,” followed by Nelly’s own new single “Tippin’ in the Club” from his upcoming “Nelly 5.0” CD. He joked off air he would play nothing but “Tippin’ in the Club” during his shift. But of course Usher, Alicia Keys, and Ne-Yo were among the dominant sounds.