RASS launching Timeless Cool


Radio Affiliate Services & Syndication (RASS) has added Timeless Cool to its client roster for affiliate services and syndication consultation. 

“This is the first new radio format since the 80’s and since the first announcement of syndication on New Year’s Eve response has been overwhelming.  Stations are excited about the prospects of a new decade and are looking for new programming to not only keep their current listener base, but to excite listeners to come back to radio,” said RASS President Scott Gilreath.

Timeless Cool is a new music mix predicated on successful qualitatively targeted formats of the past. The balanced mix of classic and contemporary timeless vocals is a primary component of this new 24/7 music format. 

“Our balance of contemporary artists, including popular artists with limited or no airplay such as Michael Buble and Diana Krall, help to balance the appeal to a younger adult demo. Timeless Cool offers an easily perceived ‘wider variety’ than existing formats, and voids the excessive repeats of music found along the radio dial,” said Timeless Cool’s General Manager and Program Director, Rob Moore.

The new format is ready for syndication now and launching nationally on January 25th.