Ratings Up on Bachelor Pad 3, Chris Bukowski Juggles 3 Women


Despite being a very large notch down from The Bachelor or The Bachelorette series, Bachelor Pad 3 is finally starting to show signs of life again.  The last couple of weeks it was up against the Olympics, but this past Monday it finally got back its viewers.  Can you believe that 4.1 million people watched last Monday’s episode and saw Chris Bukowski womanize the crap out of everyone?  This was a 21% increase from the previous week.

Speaking of Chris B, how did Emily Maynard go on a hometown date with him?  He has done a complete nose dive in terms of image this season.  He went from a humble, brave, ready to make-a-fool-of-himself-for-love guy to a womanizing, conniving, self centered jerk.  Watching Jamie sing his praises on the latest episode only made it worse.  I couldn’t help but watch the movie Bridesmaids, which was on after this show and I’m thinking the character played by Jon Hamm is eerily similar to Chris.  Particularly where he kicks Kristen Wiig out of his car saying, “You’re no longer my number 3 girl” because she won’t hook up with him.

What I’m most disappointed about is that we’ll never get to see Blakeley and Jamie team up to bring Chris down together.  That would be one amazing revenge twist.  If only they could get over their differences and realize what a gamer Chris is – they’d forget their not friends and form one of the greatest alliances in Bachelor history.  I wish Sarah could have kicked Chris a little harder in the face on Jamie’s behalf.

Still not sure what the heck is going on between Ed and Jaclyn.  They had a very cool date to the ball field and we get the vibe that she’s really into him.  Cheeseball kiss cam and fireworks aside, they did seem to enjoy themselves.  I’m not sure this is more than a budding friendship but am hoping that with a remote love interest, Jaclyn may be just a smidge kinder.  She actually read my recent post where I declared victory for declining the opportunity to interview her and reached out to me on Twitter.  Check out www.twitter.com/OfficeStace to see our latest exchanges. Not sure how she found the blog, but guess that means our audience is growing!  Yay for OfficeStace!  I also told Tenley Molzahn via Twitter about my dream that her and Kiptyn broke-up.  She reassured me that all was well with them and I told her about my campaign for Bachelor Pad 4: Couples Addition.

Sarah Newton still goes which ever way the wind blows.  This week it was in Chris’s direction.  Had to cover my eyes watching Jamie explain this move away by calling it strategic.  Especially after he made out with her all night while insulting how much she talks.  Could he be any more of a snake / disrespectful pig?  Emily Maynard tried to defend him on Twitter by saying he wasn’t so bad, but she hasn’t seen any of this season yet.  I wonder if her opinion will change once she sees him manipulate and play each woman repeatedly.

I don’t really get Kalon.  He’s disloyal to everyone but Lindzi.  What on earth does she see in this guy?  Does Lindzi have any opinions or is she another Sarah?  It’s hard to believe that Kalon is really interested in anyone other than himself.

The good news is that Blakeley is safe and she’s out for some serious Chris ass-kicking.  The take down is going to be fun to watch.

That’s really all there is worth writing about.  Except that I really liked Rachel’s hair pulled back – she’s seriously beautiful.  I don’t care that Dave is gone and it only seemed appropriate for the Super Fan to cry in the limo on the way out.  Speaking of heading out, it’s time to put myself to bed and dream of other former Bachelor contestants.  I have at least a year to strategize how The Husband and I can win Bachelor Pad 4: The Couples Edition as one of the Super Fan Couples.  All tips are appreciated.