RBR-TVBR: Blazing the trail into the future

RBR-TVBR Members:

We would like to share what we have been stating for the past two years: The value of engaging into today’s Internet world. 

Steve Jobs at Apple just introduced the iPad tablet, a cross between a laptop and a smartphone. Technology is not waiting for anyone, again, and I see tremendous use for this new gadget – and it will help drive your Internet web traffic, which bring me to RBR.com.

RBR.com was on the air in 1995, long before I knew what a website was or where it would go. In 2004 I dismantled the site to find out three short years later that this was where the audience, the reader and the business were heading.

The RBR staff quickly went back to work and had RBR.com back on the air January 1, 2008. 

Below are some Google Analytics of the www.RBR.com website, along with some stats from Compete.com. This demonstrates our tremendous growth in what many call the ‘New Media’ space and how marketing and cross platforming between our assets — our RBR-TVBR newsletters and website — can map out success for you as well.

I thank all RBR-TVBR members for their support and contributing to our company growth in today’s new media environment.  Many around me state: RBR.com will only grow larger as RBR-TVBR produces consistent original content using the entire toolset web 2.0 offers. 

There will be more important channels added to RBR.com to help everyone perform their broadcast and media duties. RBR-TVBR is committed to helping broadcasters increase business and better understand what obstacles our business will face in the New Year and new decade. Start blazing your internet trail as the gadgets will not stop coming to market!
Thank you for your support,
Jim Carnegie

Ps: It is true, you can teach an old dog new tricks. (who reads RBR-TVBR? see video below)


In the calendar year 2009, RBR.com saw tremendous growth in several aspects of the site – seeing just over 525,000 unique visitors and serving just over 1.7 million pages of content. (source: Google analytics)


Since it’s launch in January of 2008 to January of 2010 RBR.com has seen 741,970 unique web users and served more than 2.5 million pages of content. (source: Google analytics)


RBR.com’s 2009 growth against primary competition in the Radio space — insideradio.com, radioink.com, rwonline.com and radio-info.com. (source: Compete.com)

RBR.com’s 2009 growth against primary competition in the Television space — tvnewscheck.com, televisionbroadcast.com and broadcastingcable.com. (source: Compete.com)

Who reads RBR-TVBR? Watch the video below.

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