RBR-TVBR expands; Kaufman on board


Moving faster every day in the electronic business, the skills of key executives become more precise and focused. RBR-TVBR has been searching for the past year to find the right quality of broadcasting executive with front line experience, plus a strong passion for the radio and television medium, to join our team. Today, RBR/TVBR publisher Jim Carnegie announces that Dave Kaufman has joined the RBR/TVBR staff in our Sales/Marketing department.

Kaufman, a 36-year front line broadcast executive, most recently spent the past five years as VP of Affiliate Relations for ABC Radio Networks and, prior to ABC, seven years with Westwood One as VP/GM and VP Affiliate Relations Metro Networks/Shadow Broadcast Services. His experience also includes 25 years on the station rep side, 23 of which were with Major Market Radio Sales, a rep firm of Interep.

Kaufman says, “Over the past 20 years if you have spent any time in the radio business you know who and what RBR is. Also, the high level of integrity RBR, TVBR and the company represent.  What is exciting today is having the opportunity to take my years on the front line and apply this experience to the next level with the RBR & TVBR team. It is the ultimate for any broadcaster today to be a part of the electronic media evolution.  Knowing that I can help to make a difference and RBR/TVBR gives me this shot to do just that, make a difference,” said Kaufman.

“RBR/TVBR always attempts to bring on experienced broadcasters with a key level of experience that adds depth to our company team roster. Dave Kaufman, with his network and rep knowledge, will be valuable to any company doing business with RBR/TVBR. The saying of ‘Been There Done That’ is what best describes what RBR & TVBR needed and I am glad Dave is with us,” said RBR/TVBR publisher Jim Carnegie.  “Today, more than ever, our Radio & TV business needs experienced broadcasters as we all face new challenges in this electronic media world – and I state this empathically – Experience, there is No Substitute,” added Carnegie.

For many of you that know Dave Kaufman, he can be reached at [email protected]  or at 973-839-8151. He is in the saddle and hits the ground running when RBR & TVBR begins another new and interesting broadcast media publishing year on 01/03/08.

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