RBR-TVBR is my inside scoop


RBR-TVBR receives many comments and words of encouragement. Here is another and our thanks to all:
“Getting RBR/TVBR is like my “inside scoop” to daily occurrences in our industry.  I hesitate to tell people that I get it because they think I’ve got this incredible ability to know what’s happening.  Actually, I can pick up most of it through your daily newsletter.  What I like best is that it’s comprehensive.  If you just read a little between the lines, it tells you a whole lot more than what it actually says.  Plus I enjoy the comments and observations made by your staff as they’re insightful, but not strongly opinionated where someone gets the idea that there’s any bias.”

–Dan Seltz Voiceover Professional

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Carl has been with RBR-TVBR since 1997 and is currently Managing Director/Senior Editor. Residing in Northern Virginia, he covers the business of broadcasting, advertising, programming, new media and engineering. He’s also done a great deal of interviews for the company and handles our ever-growing stable of bylined columnists.