Get Ready: RBR + TVBR Is About To Change


Irbr-logot is with great pleasure that we say farewell to the current look of and your daily Radio + Television Business Report Morning Headlines e-mail.

We are in the final stages of an effort that is 30 years in the making—the creation of an exciting, easy-to-access publication with full integration on Twitter and Facebook. It’s what you deserve as a busy C-Suite professional.

Always more than an e-mail you can read in bed when you wake up, RBR + TVBR is your ultimate information source. Now, it’s getting a fresh new style.

The website will be unavailable throughout the day on Saturday, March 3. This will allow our internet technologies team and website designers to complete the transition to a brand-new RBR-TVBR

You can get a sneak preview of the new site on Sunday, and catch up on all of the news you may have missed this week.

Come Monday, you’ll see the day’s top news stories and a new RBR + TVBR Wall Street Watch stock ticker front-and-center.

On behalf of everyone at the Radio + Television Business Report, we thank you for your patronage, your loyalty, and your readership.

You’re about to witness the birth of a brand-new radio and television insight and information source.

Ladies and gentlemen, your old is signing off the air … forever.

Adam R Jacobson
Radio + Television Business Report