RBR+TVBR Celebrates Independence Through Tuesday


TORONTO — It’s a big holiday weekend here in Canada’s biggest city, as preparations for three nights of celebration for this nation’s 150th birthday are already underway. Weather permitting, top pop-rock act Barenaked Ladies are set to headline a free concert this evening at Nathan Phillips Square.

As we celebrate Canada Day this weekend, RBR+TVBR heads to Buffalo, N.Y. for a festive Independence Day celebration Canalside on July 4.

So our family can celebrate these two great nations, the editorial and business offices of RBR+TVBR are closed until 9am on Wednesday, July 5.

At that time, Adrian Zupp will be at the editor’s desk, as Editor-In-Chief Adam R Jacobson — inspired by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai — goes on an Empire State road trip taking him through seven DMAs. And, because he’s a Radio Geek at heart, an on-site visit to a radio station in New York State is on the vacation schedule.

Adam returns on Tuesday, July 11, with full coverage from Kingston, N.Y., and from Wednesday, July 12 at our editorial headquarters in Hollywood.

We’re proud to serve you and thank you for your readership.

Have a safe and festive holiday weekend.