RCS releases Zetta 2.8


RCSRCS announced the latest release of its award-winning playout system designed by radio engineers. 2.8 is a software solution more advanced, reliable, comfortably intuitive and flexible. New features include:

•           New playout deck intended for DJs with advanced playback transport control, audio auditioning, seeking and looping also controllable externally via jog dial–capable devices.

•           Automatically propagate any log changes to remote Zetta systems utilizing Zetta Wancasting.

•           Customize your log to only show event types you are interested in.

•           Improved compatibility with GSelector4 by adding support for new music coding attributes, added ability to display these attributes in user interface with user-definable colors.  Row highlighting also available to highlight specific songs or links, based on the attribute values.

•           Enhancements to the Stacks module allowing external control via keyboard shortcuts and GPIO, and to satisfy a popular request: a new Next button was added to “fade-and-go” in the current stack.

•           Now you can record over existing voicetrack slots in the log via IVT.  To satisfy another frequent customer request, RCS has added the ability to create new voicetrack positions even when using an IVT (Internet Voice Track).