Rdio’s Upgraded Sub Service


Rdio, Inc.A new app for mobile users called Rdio Select offers intriguing features – in addition to making custom stations available to users, it lets users pick and save their own favorites.

The service is available for $3.99 per month.

For that, the subscriber gets advertisement free content.

The interesting new feature is the ability to the subscriber to select and store up to 25 songs. This list can be updated in its entirety daily – or not – at the subscriber’s option.

Rdio provides a service that selects replacement tunes.

“We’re excited to reach a new group of price sensitive music subscribers with Rdio Select and have designed the service to appeal to a wide audience,” said Rdio CEO Anthony Bay. “Rdio Select joins our free tier of ad-supported Internet radio and our premium Rdio Unlimited package. We remain committed to offering customized streaming options tuned to different listening audiences that includes the free listening experience. We believe in a free tier that is fair to artists, labels, and consumers alike.”

The service is being offered on a 60-day free trial basis.

RBR+TVBR observation: It seems to us that there is an obvious way to make this service work with AM-FM radio. Sure, Rdio allows the user to create and even save a playlist – where terrestrial radio comes in is by discovering and introducing music and thus informing the Rdio user’s choices. It’s all part of making over-air and digital work hand-in-hand.

This particular service strikes us as an intriguing combination of Pandora-type service and an MP3 device. For less than $50 a year, it could be a winner.