"Re-Meet the Beatles" with AccuRadio


AccuRadio is celebrating the release of the Beatles’ remastered music collection with an innovative and unprecedented line-up of streaming radio channels.
These channels feature expertly-crafted collections of original material, solo works, covers and a healthy helping of the Beatles’ influences, contemporaries, and music descendants. In all, AccuRadio listeners will have several different ways to “Re-Meet the Beatles.”

• “Beatles Plus,” a channel that not only includes the full remastered collection of Beatles music (plus every other commercially-available track from the group), but also mixes in highlights of the Fab Four’s solo careers and hand-picked cover tracks.

• “Just Covers,” a channel that covers the wide, wild and often wacky world of Beatles cover songs. Listeners here can tune in to Beatles tunes as interpreted by musicians as diverse as Aretha Franklin, Sonic Youth, Jimi Hendrix and even William Shatner.

“A lot of this music will be brand new for some listeners, or a way to rediscover favorites that haven’t heard in a really long time,” said AccuRadio’s EVP of Programming Paul Maloney. “Especially the crazy, off-the-edge material we’ve uncovered will be completely new to some listeners.”

• “Beatles and Friends,” an expertly crafted channel of Beatles music set amongst their contemporaries, their influences and their musical descendants.

With this channel, listeners can immerse themselves in the music that came out around the same time as when the Beatles were together, discover artists that owe their success to the Beatles’ trail-blazing career and even hear the roots of the group’s music from artists like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Larry Williams, Kyle Perkins, Elvis Presley and more.

“When you hear the way Paul sings this certain song, or the way they wrote this melody, right after you hear a Little Richard tune or an Elvis song, all of a sudden it just clicks,” said Maloney.

“It’s this sort of programming that really sets AccuRadio apart,” said CEO Kurt Hanson. “Combining The Beatles’ influences, followers and peers with their original music is an exciting way for old fans to rediscover their treasured music and fall in love with it all over again.”

• In addition, popular AccuRadio channels will heavily feature Beatles music and covers as well. This includes channels like Classic Rocktopia, Hey Hey We’re the Sixties and Decades – which typically play the Beatles – and even a handful of channels not typically associated with the Beatles.
AccuRadio’s jazz, country, pop standards and reggae channels will also be highlighting Beatles cover tracks from within their respective genres, putting  fresh spins on classic tunes and introducing new fans to the group’s music.

Through these offerings, listeners can not only hear the remastered versions of the Beatles’ music, but go further, discovering unexpected covers and hearing the Fab Four’s timeless music in the context of their peers.

“AccuRadio’s ‘Re-Meet the Beatles’ feature is a unique blend of what Internet radio — and AccuRadio in particular — can offer,” said Hanson. “Listeners can hear every Beatles track ever released, delivered in a continuous and customizable stream that also includes additional tracks that our music experts have stepped in and carefully added. And that includes the Beatles’ contemporaries, great cover versions, solo material, and lots more.”

Hanson noted that all of AccuRadio’s Beatles channels are designed to be DMCA-compliant – for example, none of the channels are all-Beatles-all-the-time.

AccuRadio’s “Re-Meet the Beatles” selection of channels can be found at www.AccuRadio.com/beatlesplus