Reaction to Hogan


You’re not likely to see this in Clear Channel-owned Inside Radio, but here is one broadcaster’s feedback to the publication’s interview with CC Radio CEO John Hogan. In short, Hogan said that following the recent firing of 1,850 people the company is hiring “real revenue and yield management expertise,” people who will be stationed in key markets nationwide to work with market managers and salespeople on such things as rates and commissions. Meanwhile, Hogan said there is no finish line to re-engineering the company and that no person or position is sacred.

I have read the John Hogan interview from Inside Radio and I have the following comment:

If there is anything that will assure the demise of Clear Channel Radio, it is the new philosophy as explained by John Hogan in his recent interview. 

The problem is that the rest of us in the business will be subjected to ridicule and predictions of the end of the medium, not to mention the increased regulation imposed on them and all of us by the Congress and the FCC as they force the nation’s largest Radio broadcaster to improve its localism and community service.

Hal Widsten, General Manager
KWED AM 1580
The Seguin Daily News
Seguin, TX.