Reality cat program back for third go-around on Animal Planet


Housecat Housecalls is getting a third season on basic cable’s Animal Planet. The premise for the program is a visit to an actual household with an actual cat problem or challenge by cat expert Dr. Katrina Warren, who endeavors to come up with a solution.

Among the celebrity owners this go-around is long-time MLB pennant-winning manager Tony LaRussa, currently with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Nestle Purina Pet Care in involved with the show, and posts information pertaining to Housecat Housecalls on It also provides a service to cat owners called Purina Cat Chow Mentors.

The program seeks to address what it perceives as a television imbalance. Cats are the #1 pet in America, but they take a distant second place to dogs when it comes to television time devoted to their care and well-being.