Reality show contestant charged with murder


Do you remember the October 2000 male beauty pageant on Fox, called “The Sexiest Bachelor in America?” If not, you’re not alone, but the long-forgotten reality show is back in the news because one of the contestants has been arrested on a murder charge.

The premise of the show was having men compete in swimsuit, talent and the usual categories seen on beauty pageants for women. Caroline Rhea hosted and there were 51 male contestants representing every state and the District of Columbia. Brian Lee Randone was “Mr. Nebraska.” There’s so little information about the show to be found online that we have no idea what connection he had to Nebraska or how well he did in the pageant.

Randone went on to become a self-styled preacher and set up housekeeping with a porn movie actress, Felicia Tang Lee, outside Los Angeles. She’s now dead and he’s being charged with her torture and murder.

Appearing on the Fox show was little more than a blink of an eye in Randone’s life. But now that he’s accused of murder, the network connection seems to pop up in every story about the case.