An ‘Affiliate Value Tool’ Arrives From Jason Bailey-Founded Firm


BOCA RATON, FLA. — An affiliate research tool developed by Jason Bailey‘s Reatro Ventures has introduced a new affiliate valuation plugin.

It’s an industry first, as the tool — ARC Software — uses station performance data and an affiliated product’s inventory and daypart parameters to automatically update and track a station’s monetary value over an 18-month period.

The plugin is branded as ARConomics.

“Now clients can see the real monetary value of a radio station based on the combined station activity and market performance,” Bailey said.

ARC (Affiliate Research Client) allows users the ability to search every radio station in the
country, access personnel information, coverage maps, generate/edit and sign digital
contracts with affiliates, run barter and cash revenue analysis and keep track of
performance and opportunities with a CRM designed specifically for radio.

Clients include Reatro’s Sun Broadcast Group, in addition to Sun & Fun Media, Key Networks, the Bob & Tom Radio Network, and Megatrax.


ARConomics is available to all ARC users available immediately and can be found in
the Affiliated Products section of the software.