Reba McEntire hangs with


The women of Dial Global headed to Nashville for the premiere of Reba McEntire’s new album “All the Women I Am.”   It was an event that brought together Reba’s fans and five network hosts from Dial Global, including Lia Knight (host of The Lia Show); Whitney Allen (host of The Big Time);  Melody Morgan (Program Director & personality on Dial Global’s Country Today format); Penny Mitchell (Assistant PD & personality on Mainstream Country) and Shannon Stone (PD and personality on True County & Country Classics). They were joined by Laurie DeYoung, from WPOC, Baltimore.

The event was produced by Reba’s record label, Valory Music. She debuted songs from her new CD “All the Women I Am” on all five Dial Global Country outlets. 

The studio audience was filled with Dial Global’s contest winners, who won trips to Reba’s Starstruck Studios in Nashville for the private event.  During the 90 minute chat, Reba shared stories about her new album and her career including her music, Broadway performances and her television show.