Rebutting RIAA’s “outrage”


Hi RBR: This a comment on the “outrage” of the record industry concerning stations owners fighting back.

1. Refusal to run ads in favor of the royalty.   It has long been established that radio is not a “common carrier, and is not required to sell advertising to any entity or advertiser. (Certain Political ads fall into another category). For years stations have refused to play Neil Diamond because to do so would require becoming a Licensee of SESAC. Diamond’s entire list of songs were bought by SESAC for that purpose.

2. It is the  sole discretion of radio stations to elect to not play certain recording artists. And, this is a preview of what will happen to the nation’s recording artists if the royalty bill is enacted. Stations will avoid playing many artists to avoid royalties, and in many cases will recruit its own talent.  Eventually most recording artists will drift into obscurity and recording companies will pay stations to play their product. An example of major chutzpah, Lyle Lovett testified before Congress how he was being cheated by stations playing his records, and not paying him. The truth is that Lovett is so far over the hill,
Country Stations do not play his recordings which are horrible. I would not play Lyle Lovett even if I was offered compensation to do so. (Legally of course).

Saul Levine
Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters Inc.

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