Recall of Wisconsin politician/radio owner filed


Mountain Dog Media owner Randy Hopper is also one of the Republican Wisconsin state senators who voted to curtail collective bargaining rights of state employees, and he has incurred the wrath of enough of his constituents to fuel a successful drive to force a recall vote.

The union battle spearheaded by newly-elected Gov. Scott Walker resulted in senate Democrats exiling themselves to deprive the Republican majority of a quorum. The Republicans tried an end-around legislative move, and the results are currently hung up in the courts.

But the battle has led to recall efforts being mounted by both sides. Democrats kicked off the recall movement, and Republicans have answered in kind.

Hopper is one of the first to have petitions filed. In addition to his position in the union matter, he is going through marital problems that have led to his soon-to-be ex-wife joining in on the recall effort.

According to reports, Democrats leading the recall effort have more than enough signatures to force the recall vote, and have filed the petition well in advance of the deadline.

Supporters of the recall accuse Hopper of failing to listen to his constituents. Hopper says that many constituents have congratulated him for taking the stand he did, and he believes they are in the majority, so in fact he is listening. He says he’d vote the same way if he had it to do over.

Hopper’s stations include News-Talk KFIZ-AM Fond du Lac, AC WFON-FM in the same town, and two sports outlets, WCLB-AM Sheboygan and WMBE-AM Chilton.