Receiver picking up three FMs from Magnolia


Bernay Box has been named a joint receiver, along with Bonanza Capitol Ltd., and using the name Matinee Media Corporation, the receivers are picking up a trio of FMs that were born as CPs back in 2006.

The seller is Rick Deitrick’s Magnolia Radio Corporation. According to an FCC application filed 6/1/09, it picked up all three as CPs, along with five additional FM CPs from Ace Radio in a liability assumption deal valued at about $1,867,900.

The current deal is for debt forgiveness in the amount of $542,900.

The stations include:

* WZHL-FM, the only one listed as operating by the FCC. It’s licensed to New Augusta MS, east of the Hattiesburg part of the Laurel-Hattiesburg MS market. It’s a Class A on 101.7 MHz with 5 kW @ 312’.

* KCOO-FM Dunkerton IA, listed by the FCC as licensed but silent. It’s a Class A with 6 kW @ 312’, located to the east of the Waterloo portion of the Waterloo-Cedar Falls IA market.

* KQNO-FM Coalinga CA, a Class B1 east of Visalia CA on 97.3 MHz with 6.5 kW @ 180’.