Recent Big Apple LPTV investors spring for Brotherly Love too


Local Media Partners just announced plans to acquire the three low power television outlets that were associated with full power WLNY-TV, which is going to CBS. Now another deal has been filed, sending a low power facility in the Philadelphia DMA – WTSD-CA — from one of the partners to the partnership as a whole.

The sellers of the Channel 14 outlet are Loop Media, headed by Paul Koplin and Lawrence Rogow.

The buyer is Local Media TV Philadelphia LLC, in which Loop is a 48.1% partner and Telcom Local Media LLC is also a 48.1% partner. Several others have smaller stakes in the entity.

The buyers list six directors, which in this case includes the two sellers: Monish Kundra, James Fleming, Rajendra Singh, Serge G. Martin, Paul Koplin and Lawrence Rogow.

The price: $302K cash.

Rogow and Koplin only just acquired the station themselves – they filed 9/14/11 to acquire it from Priority Communications Ministries Inc. for $300K.

The New York deal involved WLNY L.P. The stations being sold include WLNY-CD Mineola NY, W27CD Stamford CT and WLIG-LD Morristown NJ and went in the books with a $6.5M price tag.