Record breaking year for radio in Finland


Geller Media President Valerie Geller sends us a bit of good news from Finland:

“The Radio Industry in Finland has for the first time in history reached and exceeded 50 million euros in sales for 2008. Total sales was 50,5 million euros. Radio’s growth is +7.4%. During the previous financial crisis some ten years ago the market growth went below zero, but radio grew with a two digit percentage also then. So in Finland we can say that radio has not been nearly as much touched by the general situation as other media has. We have budgeted a growth of 10% for the radio industry this current year. All the best for this year,
Stefan Möller, Managing Director, RAB Finland – kaikki radiosta,”

Since Geller has numerous clients in Europe, including Finland, we asked, “HOW?”

She replied: “Hard Work.  Original and great programming.  Serving an AUDIENCE. Putting on talented people.  Creating a space people want to be in!….When I was in Ireland, I was at the station when the music director suddenly yelled down the hall: ‘Hey you guys get in here… you’ve got to hear this!’  (A new artist had sent a CD — and the music director couldn’t wait to play it for people.)  It was sobering.  Radio has changed.  That had not happened in so many years, I’d forgotten.  We need it back.”

RBR/TVBR observation: Remember when? We’d love to hear stories like this from American stations still operating in this groove. Feel free to send them!