Recording exec on promo: “It starts with radio…”


Car RadioPromoted Republic Record exec David Nathan’s title makes a statement: He’s the new Senior Vice President Radio/Video Promotion. And he doubled down on the radio part, saying music promotion starts with radio and moves on from there.

Republic is part of the Universal Music Group.

Nathan has experience putting together radio and video campaigns in order to expand the reach of artists he has worked with.

Nathan commented, “REPUBLIC is an amazing place to work. It’s a family team. Monte Lipman and Avery provide a platform for us to do incredible things. It starts with radio, but the idea is to develop these artists full circle across radio, video, digital platforms and beyond. We make sure to expand our goals, but we always stick to the company mantra, ‘We break new artists’. It is an honor to be a part of that process.”

RBR-TVBR observation: OK, let’s get this straight. Recording companies want radio airplay – as in please please pretty please play our songs – and at the same time they want radio to pay them for the privilege of marketing music for them for free.

If the new senior vice president of promotion at a Universal Music Group label says radio is the most important tool in his promotional arsenal, can there be any doubt that to this day radio airplay is its own reward and that the age-old quid pro quo of content for promotion is still valid?

The recording companies cannot have it both ways. Either they crave airplay or they do not. If they do, then they should be grateful to get it, and should not be seeking compensation on top of getting airplay.

Mr. Nathan is the latest to confirm that airplay is craved – if he was wrong, he wouldn’t have been promoted, particularly with the titel he has, and his statement wouldn’t have been released. And since airplay is craved, it would be unfair to add a performance royalty on top of it.

The defense rests.


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