Red Lobster wants you to


Seafood restaurant chain Red Lobster is going for a new look and looking to expand its customer base, and a cornerstone of the plan to do this is a television advertising campaign that will focus on the company employees who make it all happen.

The Grey New York campaign is called “Sea Food Differently,” and it will stare employees of Red Lobster and others who directly impact the business sharing “genuine and unscripted stories” about going the extra mile to bring the best possible product to customers’ plates.

The first 30-second spot is called “Crabfest,” and it will be followed by another called “Grill Master.”

“At Red Lobster, we’ve made some exciting changes but have yet to communicate everything that’s new and different to our guests,” said Salli Setta, Red Lobster’s executive vice president of marketing. “Who better to tell this story than our own people, who bring to life the warmth, vitality and genuineness of our brand.”

“There are a lot of amazing changes going on at Red Lobster,” said Tor Myhren, Grey New York’s president and chief creative officer. “We want people to see how far they’ve actually come. The campaign brings the new Red Lobster dining experience – all these surprising, fresh changes, from the décor to the menu to the service – to life.”

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