Red Robin debuts Oktoberfest B


Now through 11/6, Red Robin is featuring The Oktoberfest Bürger – a toasted pretzel bun slathered with beer mustard and topped with a fire-grilled beef patty, melted Swiss cheese, beer-mustard sautéed onions, Black Forest ham and green leaf lettuce.

To support the new burger, Red Robin will launch its latest campaign based on the casual dining chain’s mnemonic, “Red Robin, YUMMM™,” from 9/19 through 10/17. The TV ad will air during “Good Morning America,” “Entertainment Tonight” and “Inside Edition” as well as on cable including Comedy Central, TBS and USA.

The ad features a police captain arriving at a busy crime scene. Police have been unable to locate a fugitive, and the police captain successfully finds the suspect by yelling into a megaphone, “Red Robin,” to which the fugitive pops out from a manhole and responds, “YUMMM.”

Online ads will run on a combination of video sites and mobile video apps, like ABC news and USA Today.