Red Robin extends campaign through the summer


Building on the success of its spring marketing campaign, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers launched its latest 2010 national campaign based on the casual dining chain’s popular and memorable mnemonic, “Red Robin…YUMMM.”

Via Minneapolis-based Periscope, Red Robin’s AOR, the campaign first launched in February of this year and significantly improved trends in both guest traffic and same store sales during the restaurant chain’s spring limited time offer promotion, gaining positive momentum for the Red Robin brand heading into the summer months.

Red Robin’s latest campaign will appear online, including on sites like CafeMom, USA Today and the Weather Channel; and on cable television, including USA Network, TBS, TLC, Comedy Central and Food Network.

Unaided brand awareness levels increased by five percentage points year over year during the company’s Q1 when the campaign ran, and Red Robin’s online fans became much more engaged through social media. Specifically, Red Robin added 30,000 Facebook fans during Q1, doubling the size of its previous fan base.

The new campaign, which includes television and online campaign elements, was designed as a continuation of Red Robin’s inaugural campaign. The ads are intended to increase awareness for quality, variety and value and capitalize on the catch phrase, “Red Robin… YUMMM,” while promoting Red Robin’s summer limited time offer menu items.

As part of the campaign, consumers will experience the “YUMMM” mnemonic again through the following:
* Airing through 7/18, the TV ads feature two YUMMM scenarios. One depicts a stoic guard in front of what appears to be Buckingham Palace in London. While the guard stands motionless and at attention, a tourist couple tries to get him to act out, and ultimately succeeds by yelling, “Red Robin,” to which the guard responds, “YUMMM.”

* The second scenario shows a young girl in a backyard playing hide-and-seek. In an effort to find her hidden friends, the girl shouts, “Red Robin,” which coincidently entices her friends to come out of hiding and respond, “YUMMM.” Both scenarios are followed by details about and delectable images of Red Robin’s new, limited time offer items.

* The Buckingham Palace guard scenario also will be featured online as an Extended Web Video on Red Robin’s YouTube channel.

* In synched display creative format, a Red Robin ad calls, through a thought bubble, “Red Robin,” followed by a parody ad featuring a woman in what appears to be a spa advertisement answering with a corresponding “YUMMM.”