Red Robin promotes summertime fare


Red Robin is serving up summer sizzle with a fiery 5 Alarm Chicken Sandwich and a Summer Strawberry Salad now until 7/24. To support, Red Robin is running its latest initiative based on the casual dining chain’s mnemonic, “Red Robin…YUMMM,” from 6/1, through 6/29. During this time, the 5 Alarm Chicken Sandwich is being sold at $6.99 and the Strawberry Summer Salad for $8.99.

A TV ad, airing on cable networks including USA, TNT, MTV and Comedy Central, features two men on a road trip starting to get hungry. The passenger mentions he sees a Red Robin restaurant and his friend behind the wheel, instantly driven by a craving for Red Robin, swerves off the road, launches the car off an embankment and lands it in the middle of the Red Robin parking lot. As the dust settles, the two traveling companions realize the success of their “shortcut” and the driver proclaims, “YUMMM.”

Digital video Ads to educate viewers about Red Robin’s new LTO (limited time only) items. They’ll will run across sites such as, and