Red Robin using “YUMMM” for radio, TV effort


Red Robin Gourmet Burgers announced the launch of a new national online, television and radio campaign beginning 2/22, based on the casual dining chain’s popular and memorable mnemonic, “Red Robin… YUMMM™”. Jamie Winter, Communications Manager, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, tells RBR-TVBR the effort was created with Red Robin’s target audience in mind, families and burger lovers. Red Robin focuses its national and local advertising buying on programs that target adults ages 25-49, with a focus on women and families.

“We will be airing on national cable TV on USA, TBS, TLC, Comedy Central and the Food Network, to name a few,” she tells us. “We will be airing our advertising on local TV stations in 30 Red Robin markets on the four major networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. Programming will vary slightly depending on the market, but includes showing shows such as:

–          ABC: Grey’s Anatomy, Lost
–          CBS: Big Bang Theory, How I met Your Mother, NCIS
–          NBC: The Office, Celebrity Apprentice
–          FOX: American Idol, House

We will be on radio in eight markets including Los Angeles; St. Louis; Nashville and Phoenix, to name a few. Our :05 second ads will be feature our Red Robin… YUMMM catch phrase and will run on adult contemporary, classic hits, rock, country, talk, sports and urban stations.”

To educate consumers about Red Robin’s irreverent and fun brand personality, the ads feature various tongue-in-cheek scenarios where unlikely subjects – including a baby, a lawyer and even the normally elusive Yeti – literally answer the Red Robin call by saying “YUMMM.”

• TV ads – Airing beginning Monday, Feb. 22 through Sunday, March 28, on various local and cable stations, the ads feature two YUMMM scenarios. Paying tribute to Red Robin’s Colorado hometown, one scenario depicts a man climbing a mountain and looking out onto Mt. Evans, one of Colorado’s famous 14,000-foot peaks and shouting “Red Robin” only to be answered by a Yeti saying “YUMMM.” The other shows a mother soothing her crying baby with a soft lullaby that includes “Red Robin,” words that comfort the baby and allow the baby to answer “YUMMM.” Both scenarios are followed by details about and delectable images of Red Robin’s new, limited time offer items.

• Online shorts – Currently appearing on a variety of Web sites, ranging from Hulu to iVillage, the online spots are thematically similar to the TV ads, but highlight different “Answer the Call” scenarios in a shorter format. One shows a man pumping gas and humming a tune that incorporates “Red Robin.” In this scene, a voice from the gas pump speaker answers “YUMMM.” The other features two people playing Scrabble. One person spells “Red Robin” on the game board, and the other “answers the call” by spelling “YUMMM.”

• Online parody ads – In synched display creative format, a Red Robin branded ads calls, through a thought bubble, “Red Robin,” followed by a parody ad featuring a fictitious lawyer answering with a corresponding “YUMMM.”

• “YUMMM Builder” game – A play off the 1980’s game, “Burger Time,” the goal of YUMMM Builder is to build a gourmet burger before everyday kitchen items like utensils “eat” the player. YUMMM Builder winners have the opportunity to immediately download the “Red Robin…YUMMM” ringtone. Please click here for the iPhone YUMMM ringtone and here to download the ringtone to all other phones.