Red Rock expands in central Minnesota


An AM-FM pair serving an unrated portion of Minnesota anchored by the community of Brainerd is going to a radio company closely related to Curtis Squire Inc.

The stations are called 3WI, and fittingly, the calls are WWWI-AM and WWWI-FM, licensed to Baxter and Pillager respectively. They simulcast a news-talk format.

The seller is James Pryor’s Tower Broadcasting Company.

85% of the buyer is controlled by Myron Kunin’s Curtis Squire Group – Kunin is joined by four other Kunin’s on CSI’s principal list. The remaining 15% of Red Rock is controlled by Ro D. Grignon.

The price for the combo is $700K. The buyers will settle standing liabilities and pay the remainder of the price in cash. There is a non-compete included in the contract, and an LMA-until-closing began 7/1/12. Apparently taking no chances on when the exact closing date will be, the potential termination date of the LMA extends 10 years into the future.

Red Rock has one other station in the area that will have tangential overlap with the 3WI combo – KFGI-FM reaches Brainerd from the northeast. It’s licensed to Crosby MN, with a Class C3 signal on 101.5 MHz with 25 kW @ 328’.

WWWI-AM is a Class B on 1270 kHz with 5 kW-U, DAN; WWWI-FM is a Class A on 95.9 MHz with 6 kW @ 240’.