Red Zebra spins a Tidewater pair


$1.2M WXTG-AM & WXTG-FM Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News VA (Hampton, Virginia Beach VA) from Red Zebra Holdings  LLC (Richard Carmean) to Davis Media LLC (Thomas G. Davis et al). $200K escrow, balance in cash at closing. LMA 8/1/13, $22K/month. Duopoly with WBQK-FM West Point VA. [FCC file date 8/1/13]

$5K KMKR-FM Canyonville OR from Lake County School District No. 4J (Mary Walston) to Oregon State Board of Higher Educations for University of Oregon (Paul C. Bjornstad et al). Price characterized as reimbursement to seller for engineering, legal and filing cost not to exceed $5K. [FCC file date 8/1/13]