Refunds Heading To Some TEGNA Premion Customers


“System issues” are to blame for incorrect deliverables tied to TEGNA‘s over-the-top (OTT) advertising service, Premion.

As such, TEGNA is moving forward with full refunds for affected 2018 campaigns — a possible warning sign that digital advertising isn’t as smooth as booking an ad on broadcast TV.

Premion is pitched as “Brand Safe CTV/OTT Advertising at Scale,” and its “Premium Audience Selects” offering was launched in April, with much fanfare, by the company formerly known as Gannett.

At the time, TEGNA called it a first-of-its kind data management platform (DMP) designed to increase the value of OTT ad impressions “and provide accuracy, trust and transparency as well as cross-platform reach and measurement for advertisers.”

Unfortunately, accuracy wasn’t delivered to local, regional and national advertisers and agencies Premion targeted.

While it was not immediately clear how partners MadHive, a developer of video and data solutions for the media and advertising industry, and identity and engagement solutions company 4INFO, were involved in the “system issues,” a TEGNA spokesperson said Jan. 2, 2019, “Premion’s system issue is unrelated to MadHive or 4INFO and they continue to serve as important technology partners.”

These issues impacted certain 2018 “Premium Audience Selects” targeting segments, which TEGNA determined had not been delivered correctly. “The issue has been resolved and Premion has implemented new ad operations processes as a result,” the company said.

TEGNA’s full refunds are being given for all affected “Premium Audience Selects” 2018 campaigns that ended on or before November 30.

This will put a blemish on TEGNA, but not a puncture wound. The company notes that “the impacts of this issue are immaterial to TEGNA’s total 2018 company results, although it affects up to approximately 17% of Premion’s total revenue for 2018.”

Further, Premion campaigns that do not include “Premium Audience Selects” targeting are not affected by this issue.