Rehr rarin’ to go with T-Mobile offering


NAB President/CEO David Rehr had nothing but good things to say about the Nokia 7510 – particularly its use of FM radio via T-Mobile USA as a key feature. In a letter to T-Mobile USA President Robert Dotson, Rehr noted a number of attributes that FM capability would bring to cell phones, including instant access to emergency information, down to introducing people to new music and directing them to a phone-provided source to acquire it. Rehr’s goal is to get FM on all T-Mobile supported units and pitched a meeting to discuss the matter.

RBR/TVBR observation: The old adage location, location, location still applies today, but it has been updated in the techno-crazed media world. Ubiquitous location is a worthwhile goal, and Rehr is correct to be in close contact with any and all possible hosts.