Rehr returns Karmazin fire


NAB President/CEO David Rehr has decided not to let Sirius Satellite Radio honcho Mel Karmazin's recent description of NAB activity go unanswered. Karmazin called the NAB's opposition to the proposed XM/Sirius merger "disgraceful." Rehr described the opposition as open and honorable, and proceeded to enumerate many of the reasons that NAB believes the merger should be prevented. For the good of all concerned, Rehr suggested that the two companies simply withdraw their merger application right now.

RBR observation: You have to read this letter, our new Broadcaster NAB president David Rehr, Rips a New One into ‘Zen Master’ Mel. Ouch that has to hurt!  Mel, soak in warm water with epsom salts.

Rehr's letter to Karmazin is here