Relative quiet during Hawaii DTV switchover


The Honolulu Star-Bulletin did not have all that much to write about as the state gave a preview of the DTV transition. The question for the rest of America is whether the preview is one or five months in advance of the general deadline. Only 25K households were thought to be at risk going into the transition, and consumer questions were said to be light in the aftermath of the switch. Some are thought to require a switch from rabbit ear to rooftop antennae, but others – due to the rugged Hawaiian terrain – will probably have no option other than an MVPD subscription.

According to the Associated Press, despite ample warning, there were still citizens who were taken completely by surprise by the transition. And some stations were still awaiting key pieces of equipment. Still, an FCC phone center was said to field a mere 300 calls on the day of the switch, Wednesday 1/15/09. It took place at noon.