‘Reliable FM MPX over IP’: A Telos August Webinar Topic


Cleveland-based Telos Alliance, known for its stable of broadcast audio products for more than three decades, has added a virtual event to its “Virtual Showcase” series that could be of big interest to an FM radio station’s engineering leadership.

On Aug. 6, the session, “Omnia MPX Node – Reliable FM MPX over IP: Real World Stories of New STL Possibilities,” will be held as an online webinar set for 1pm Eastern.

Why the Omnia event is being staged was laid out in plain terms by Telos Alliance.

“Radio studios and their transmitter sites are seeing significant changes,” it says. “From the biggest cities to small towns, broadcasters need new ways to get pristine audio to their FM transmitter sites, while minimizing complexity and risk at those locations.”

It explains why some FM stations have chosen µMPX technology to deliver their FM MPX (Composite) signal reliably over a variety of IP links, including Public Internet.

In this session, Telos Alliance’s Frank Foti, Geoff Steadman and Kirk Harnack will discuss real-world experiences from customers using Omnia MPX Nodes. “From large markets to rural areas, this µMPX technology allows convenient and reliable delivery of fully processed FM MPX signals to transmitter sites that may otherwise be impractical to reach with traditional RF or telco-based technologies,” Telos Alliance notes.

In this webinar attendees will be given the opportunity to learn about the underlying µMPX technology, and how it’s an ideal way to transport the critical FM Composite output signal from any brand of FM audio processor.

They can also gain insight about clear examples of implementation, including dual-path, redundant IP transport as well as Forward Error Correction features that make single-path operation more reliable; and learn about two techniques for one-to-many FM MPX distribution.

Those who wish to register for this event can sign up here.