Religious noncom buys Univision station in San Antonio


Once again, non-profit K-LOVE Network outfit Educational Media Foundation is reaching into the non-reserved band to expand its collection of radio stations. This time, it’s picking up KLTO-FM, east of San Antonio TX.

The seller is Rawhide Radio LLC, a license company owned ultimately by Univision Communications Inc. The multimedia corporation’s Timothy Ward signed off on the deal.

The station is going for an even $1M. Although EMF often builds a promissory note into its acquisition packages, this time it’ll plunk down $100K in an escrow deposit and cash out the deal at closing.

The station is licensed to McQueeney TX. It is well to the east of San Antonio, and it does manage to throw a signal over the metropolitan area, but not its primary signal. It is a Class C1 on 97.7 MHz with 100 kW @ 981’.
KLTO sits in an unusual niche in the Univision portfolio – it’s an English-speaking station with a CHR format. It does manage to consistently draw measureable listening in the San Antonio Arbitron ratings wars.

However, when EMF takes over the wheelhouse, the CHR format figures to go by the boards in favor of the group’s contemporary Christian fare. It already informed the FCC that it would be filing to convert the license for non-commercial operation.