Religious noncom picks up a pair of FMs


South Central Oklahoma Christian Broadcasting Inc. has been operating FMs in three states and FM CPs in quite a few more. It is now adding a pair to its Texas contingent with deals to acquire FMs in Muenster and Mount Pleasant from two different sellers.

The more expensive of the two deals (and neither is particularly expensive) is for KYZQ-FM in Mount Pleasant, a town to the north of Tyler. The station is coming from Millennium Broadcasting Corporation, headed by James Furlow. SCOCBI will pay $5,750 cash for the station.

KYZQ is listed by the FCC as licensed but silent. It’s a Class A on 88.3 MHz with 2.2 kW @ 207’.
The other station is KTMU-FM in Muenster, a town to the northwest of Dallas. The seller is 1 A Chord Inc., headed by Mary Fay Jackson, and the price is $1K cash.

KTMU is also a Class A, on 88.7 MHz with 500 W @ 69’.

SCOCBI is headed by Randall Christy. It has five FMs in Oklahoma and one each in Tennessee and Texas. It’s portfolio of FM CPs includes stations-to-be in Arizona, Iowa,
Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.