Religious reps gang up on Savage


Talk Radio Network talkmeister Michael Savage is known for freely expressing his thoughts, a fact that does not sit well with many, including a brand new organization called the Hate Hurts America Community and Interfaith Coalition. They are claiming two major victories in their campaign against Savage: the addition of Wal-Mart and AT&T to the list of companies refusing to advertise on "Savage Nation." The group says that AutoZone, Citrix, TrustedID, JCPenney, and OfficeMax are already in the fold.

AT&T isn’t an active supporter of the program. It told HHA member Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), "AT&T has never directly supported this program through advertisements or sponsorship. Some radio stations may have inserted AT&T advertisements locally during the broadcast of Michael Savage’s syndicated program. We are reaching out to individual radio stations to reinforce our policy to ensure this doesn’t happen."

RBR/TVBR observation: CAIR is an ever-alert watchdog which has been trying to hold the lid on what it sees as unjustified anti-Islamic attacks, and it has successfully chased talent off the air now and again. In the case of Savage, it has been joined by a wide variety of religious leaders. We have no idea how successful their campaign will be, but it is certainly a completely viable tactic. In a nation where free speech is treasured, they have no legal recourse to muzzle Savage. But they are perfectly free to exercise their own freedom of speech to discourage financial support for his program, proving that free speech is indeed a double-edged sword.

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Hate Hurts America Coalition Members
Elizabeth Sholes, Director of Public Policy, California Council of Churches/California Church IMPACT
Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak,
Stephen F. Rohde, Civil Liberties Attorney, Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace*
Bonnie Blustein, member of the Neighborhood
Unitarian Universalist Church of Pasadena – Social Justice Council, Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace*
Preston Price, United Methodist Church*
Reverend Jerald M. Stinson, Senior Minister, First Congregational Church of Long Beach, Calif.
Bishop Steve and Judy Gilliland, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints*
Father Chris Ponnet, Pax Christi Los Angeles, Pax Christi Southern California, St. Camillus
Reverend Peter Laarman, Executive Director, Progressive Christians Uniting (PCU)
Reverend Peggy Price , Senior Minister, Seal Beach Church of Religious Science*
Marcy Winograd , LA Jews for Peace Council on American-Islamic Relations
Reverend Douglas Johnstone (Lutheran Pastor) Muslim Student Association – West
*Affiliations for identification purposes only
Source: HHA website